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This is your safe place for a different type of entertainment. We are not your typical radio station playing whatever genre of music you choose to listen to with DJ's talking nonsense. Instead, we are like a little time capsule bringing back almost forgotten memories from a time when tank tops and bell bottoms were cool to wear and school dinners had pink custard. We are not here to sell you anything, present the day’s news or advise you on traffic conditions. We see ourselves as a bit of friendly company throughout your day, with a timeless selection of themes and tv memories, whatever you are up to and wherever you are. We have NO presenters or DJ's, so that really does make us "Radio without the speakers".

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Either ask your Alexa to 'Enable Radio Groovy' and thereafter just ask it to 'PLAY RADIO GROOVY' or

  • In the Alexa App ..

  • Go to: MORE –> SKILLS AND GAMES –> DISCOVER –> SEARCH –> “Radio Groovy”

  • Tap the Radio Groovy Skill

  • You’re finished!

  • Close the app.

  • All Alexa loudspeakers on the same WiFi network will now respond to the voice command “PLAY RADIO GROOVY”

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Other smart speakers such as Google and Sonos, Smart phones, Tablets, PC's and TV's can be used to listen to Radio Groovy. Find out more by scanning the  GetMeRadio QR Code Reader.

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